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Danger Cylinder Storage Area


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Protect your people and property with clear, durable safety signage. Our high-impact signs come in two mounting options:

  • Pre-Drilled 3mm PVC: This rigid plastic sign is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Pre-drilled holes (size may vary) allow for quick and easy mounting with screws, nails, or zip ties (not included).

  • Adhesive Vinyl: This flexible vinyl sign is ideal for smooth, flat surfaces indoors. The strong adhesive backing ensures long-lasting adhesion.


  • Made of durable PVC or vinyl material
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to read and understand

Simple Mounting Instructions:

Pre-Drilled PVC:

  1. Position the sign on your desired mounting surface.
  2. Mark the location of the pre-drilled holes with a pencil.
  3. Using the appropriate hardware (screws, nails, zip ties – sold separately), secure the sign to the surface through the pre-drilled holes.

Adhesive Vinyl:

  1. Clean and dry the desired mounting surface.
  2. Carefully peel back the liner from the adhesive vinyl sign.
  3. Smoothly apply the sign to the clean, dry surface, pressing firmly to ensure adhesion.

Choose the perfect safety sign for your needs and enjoy the ease of pre-drilled holes or the convenience of adhesive mounting.

Additional Notes:

  • For best results with pre-drilled PVC signs, pre-drill the mounting surface to match the size of the screw or nail you plan to use. This will help prevent the PVC from cracking.
  • Adhesive vinyl signs are not recommended for rough or uneven surfaces.

Shop our wide selection of safety signs today and keep your environment safe!


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Danger Cylinder Storage Area Danger Cylinder Storage Area

12,00 EGP240,00 EGP

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